OpenShift v3

OpenShift v3 is a developer PaaS built on popular open-source communities like Docker and Kubernetes that makes it easy to deploy cloud-native apps and microservices using container technology

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JBoss Fuse

JBoss Fuse is a lightweight integration platform built on top of popular open-source technology like Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Camel that brings powerful integration capabilities to your apps whether deployed as cloud-native microserivces or traditional apps

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Download Materials

The in-person workshop will have the options to run locally or in a public deployment of OpenShift v3, but for offline labs, please download the requisite material

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Get the right tools!

Getting Started with the Labs

These labs require some basic developer tools which this guide helps you install and set up. You can attend the workshop in person in select cities or you can work at your own pace off-line. The tools will help you get along whether using the in-person, cloud-deployed tools or the on-your-own-laptop tools Read More ›

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