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Here are all the labs that go along with the workshop!

Get the right tools! › Getting Started with the Labs
These labs require some basic developer tools which this guide helps you install and set up. You can attend the workshop in person in select cities or you can work at your own pace off-line. The tools will help you get along whether using the in-person, cloud-deployed tools or the on-your-own-laptop tools Read More ›

explore › Smoke Test
Once you have the tools installed, let's make sure they work correctly with the workshop environment Read More ›

explore › Deploy your first docker image
Let's try to deploy a docker image with OpenShift Read More ›

explore › Creating routes
Test out creating routes in OpenShift to be able to access your applications Read More ›

explore › Scaling
Scaling and upgrading your applications is easy with OpenShift. This lab will show you how the built-in concepts allow you to scale your applications with ease Read More ›

fuse › Importing a base fuse project
Use this base project to get started with! This lab will show you all of the salient pieces necessary to use JBoss Fuse in a docker environment, like OpenShift Read More ›

fuse › Building a Fuse project
Fuse takes advantage of typical Java tooling to maintain it's lifecycle. In this lab, we'll walk you through building a Fuse project and explore the outputs. Read More ›

fuse › Exploring the flexible deployment options of Fuse on OpenShift
Fuse on OpenShift has many deployment options and you're welcome to select the best for your environment. In this lab, we'll explore some of those deployment options and discuss which may be right for you Read More ›

fuse › Use OpenShift to deploy Fuse
Let's use OpenShift source 2 image builders to deploy our Fuse application Read More ›

microservices › Create the scaffolding for your microservice
This lab will show you how to create a project that we can customize to build a microservices deployment Read More ›

microservices › Adding maven plugins for hawtness
Work with docker and OpenShift using tools that you're familiar with as a Java developer, including maven plugins. This lab will introduce you to those plugins tha allow you to containerize your java app/service Read More ›

microservices › Leveraging OpenShift to deploy and scale our microservice
In this lab, we'll deploy our microservices using OpenShift S2i builders Read More ›

optional › Install OpenShift Locally (Optional)
For the onsite workshop, use the environment set up by the instructor. If you'd like to do these labs and further explore openshift outside of the workshop (ie, locally, on your laptop), follow these instructions Read More ›